Office Space

You want to work in an open space with lots of inspirational material? Here it is.


This is where it starts and where it ends. Hello and goodbye, see you tomorrow. "I need something, could you do me a favour?" Here at our office we are very self organized and hands on. We help each other and like to share knowledge and ideas.

Space for Flow

Want to just sit in between fellow thinkers across disciplines? You are welcome to share and discuss knowledge and ideas in our collaborative space. Our open space supports knowledge sharing, co-working and a feeling of belonging.

The Thinker Space

Sometimes you need a quiet space to get the stuff done. We have lots of peaceful workshop rooms and quiet corners for your creative retreat.

Lab / Playground

Plenty of space to play. A spacious and bright workshop to realise your wildest dreams. Workshops, co-creation, or tinkering, inspired by thousands of material and digital samples.

Soul Food

This is where we come together to recharge. Meet friends from designaffairs. Cook, eat, drink, talk or just relax.